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6 Things to include in your Wedding Day Checklist

If you’re about to get married, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time and money planning for the best day of your life. As you get closer to the big day, lists gets longer, and it becomes easier for the little things to fall through the cracks. To avoid last-minute panic and unnecessary stress, to make sure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible, we suggest you put together whatever you can the week prior, lay out all your wedding clothes the day before, and check that you have all of the following:

1. Leave Time for Beauty Routine

Even before the day of the wedding, have a self-care routine to destress. Get haircuts, spray tans, waxing, or facials at least two to three days beforehand rather than on your wedding day itself, so that there's time to correct any mistakes or breakouts. Try to get some rest and eat something, in case you’re too nervous in the morning, and avoid unfamiliar foods. Have a copy of your vows to go over the night before so you know you won’t forget anything. It’s also helpful to get accessories such as jewellery, shoes and your veil organised well ahead of time.

2. Wedding Day Essentials

You may think all you need is your dress, but there are a number of other things you should have close by to make getting ready a breeze. Pampering on your wedding day is also a must. It will help you look your best and feel confident and relaxed. Brides often opt for a massage, a manicure and pedicure. Wear a button-down shirt as a comfy option to have your hair and makeup done. When it’s time to change into your dress, you won’t have to worry about anything snagging or smearing. Some things you may not think about include deodorant, extra contact lenses with solution, mouthwash, medications and a comfortable pair of shoes. If you plan on eating and drinking as you get ready, a straw can help keep your lipstick in place.

3. Ceremony Essentials

Take a minute to yourself to breathe and calm down. Do some simple relaxation exercises to help manage wedding day stress. Make a plan for your wedding rings well in advance, and make sure whoever is responsible for bringing them is prepared to take on the task. You’ll also want to make copies of your vows and have an Emergency Kit nearby with one of your bridal party.

4. Emergency Kit

In a perfect world, you’ll have no need for an emergency kit, but it doesn’t hurt to have one handy. A small mirror, your lipstick and quality cosmetics concealer for quick touch ups can help your photos look great all day. Things like a sewing kit, safety pins or nail files can fix a quick emergency, while other items like eye drops, band-aids and tissues. Add in some other items like hand lotion, your signature wedding fragrance and breath mints to feel your best all night long. Keep your phone and charger nearby just in case. 5. Contact Sheet

The last thing a bride wants on her wedding day is filled with questions from confused guests. It may help to assign someone from your wedding party to handle any questions about directions, what is the ceremony time and so on. It can also be useful to have the numbers for your suppliers close by, so you know as soon as possible if there are any issues with the venue, flowers, food, transport, photographer or musicians.

6. Wedding Night Must-Haves

With the whirlwind of a wedding day it’s easy to forget about the wedding night. Whether you’re leaving right from the wedding to your honeymoon or are simply headed up to the hotel room, you'll want a small bag that has everything you'll need for your wedding night, including sexy lingerie and a change of clothes for the morning. Prepare with a midnight snack (since no one seems to eat at their wedding and a couple bottles of water to hydrate after a night of drinking and dancing). Also make sure you’ve packed your toiletries and medications.


It's easy for a wedding day to turn into a blur of activities, but don’t forget to slow down and enjoy your day. If you follow these tips and do a little preparation ahead of time, you can make sure just about everything goes smoothly for your perfect day.

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