School Formal, Prom & Graduation Dresses

What am I going to wear for my School Formal?  This is the question on most teenage girl’s minds from the time they enter high school.  We understand that the answer to this question is of the utmost importance and there is a lot of pressure riding on this very special fashion statement.   

As one of the largest stockists of styles in school formal, graduation, prom dresses - Forever Bridal & Formal will excite and tantalise you with our stunning collection of gorgeous dresses that will take your breath away with their unique, intricate and exquisite styles.

Forever Bridal & Formal has a stunning and unending variety of styles, silhouettes and fashion forward trends for you to explore whether you want to flaunt a graceful ball gown, a bold statement dress, a maxi dress with a thigh-high slit, a red carpet gown that dazzles and sparkles, a high end designer gown or a classic dress that oozes out charm.  We also have our own collection of bespoke designs created just for our customers; with “one-of-a-kind” dresses that guarantee you a unique dress.

Girls, we understand exactly how much this night means to you. It is a night of dreams, achievements, and most importantly, memories. The formal dress you choose should say it all and capture your personal style in every detail.  

What style will suit me?

You may think that you have found the perfect dress in photos, but if it doesn’t suit your body type when you try it on, chances are you will feel awkward and uncomfortable. Dresses that compliment your best features will have you feeling beautiful and confident. The secret is to try on what you like but also let your Forever stylist select dresses Tip:  Do try on something different and out of your comfort zone.


What colour is best for School Formals?

Bold and bright colours never go out of style. Vibrant colours grab attention and are usually winners on the night over a style choice. Think bright reds, canary yellows, oranges and rich fuchsias.  Alternatively, if you want to opt for a softer look on the night a touch of pretty colour, such as soft pink, lime, seafoam, aqua or even ones in a darker, rich palette.


How should I accessorise?
When it comes to accessorizing, complement your bold colour choice with dazzling hints of rhinestone jewellery, like a statement-making necklace or bracelet cuff. Or go minimal and let your dress stand out. Either way your captivating look is sure to turn heads. 


We offer an in-house alterations service to make sure your formal dress is fitted just right for your event. 


​As our selection of dresses is constantly changing visit our Facebook or Instagram pages or see samples of some of the latest styles of our stock below. 

Forever Bridal & Formal is here to make sure your dreams are fulfilled with style glamour and sparkle.  Come to our store in Stafford so we can help you achieve your goal!

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