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Professional Wedding Dress Hand Cleaning & Preservation Service

Forever Bridal is a Wedding Dress cleaning specialist with more than 10 years of experience. We hand-clean wedding gowns and our in-house seamstress undertakes complimentary minor hand-repairs to the gown, before the preservation process (boxing for storage). 

Whether your wedding gown is chiffon, tulle, or a delicate fabric like lace, has sequins/beading or feature embellishment, the Forever Bridal team will treat your dress with expert care.

Our wedding gown specialists will spend countless hours cleaning your wedding gown after your special day. 


Forever Bridal's professional wedding dress hand-cleaning process and preservation steps:

  • We highly recommend you examine your Wedding dress and make a few notes before you bring it to professional cleaning and preservation. 

  • On drop-off our staff will inspect your Wedding dress thoroughly with you to make sure all spot cleaning and minor repairs are identified. 

  • We provide you with a quote for our professional hand-cleaning service and preservation process (boxing).

  • This cleaning method can take up to 2-4 weeks depending on the condition of the wedding gown fabric. 

  • Your wedding dress is first spot cleaned, and hand-washed inside and out with a gentle stain remover, this includes special attention to all discoloured hem layers and the bodice to remove makeup stains, ground-in dirt, and smudges. This dress cleaning process ensures even invisible stains on the fabric are treated.

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  • A delicate professional soak is then used that contains absolutely no bleach elements and the dress is then left to soak for as long as needed, usually one week but sometimes up to two weeks.

  • Your dress is then fully air-dried without any machines or heat to avoid any damage to the fabric. Air drying your wedding gown is time-consuming and, sometimes takes a week or two to completely dry. 

  • Once clean, we will inspect the wedding dress and re-do the whole cleaning process again if there are any stains or extra spot cleaning is needed. Some wedding dresses need to be processed 2-3 times to remove stubborn stains!

  • Once the wedding dress is air-dried, our seamstress will fix any minor repairs at no extra cost, as part of the dress cleaning charge.

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  • The gown is steamed and inspected, then left to 100% completely dry again. 

  • Now it's time for your wedding gown preservation (boxing for storage), the dress is folded and wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and carefully put in the preservation box. Dresses can be returned on a hanger; or if being stored for over 6 months we highly recommend storing in a professional wedding gown preservation in a box.

  • As soon as the wedding dress is boxed or ready on the hanger, you will be notified by text that it's ready for final inspection and collection. 

  • On pick up use your notes or photos as a reminder of the condition your dress was in after your special day.

  • You can then choose whether to put your Wedding Dress somewhere safe, or perhaps consider on-selling it.

So what are you waiting for?


Let our wedding gown specialists restore your gown to its best possible condition.

Trust us, even years after many brides say "I do" on their big day they still would like to see the wedding gown in perfect condition or a valued keepsake. Your wedding dress may be the most special dress and most expensive article of clothing that you will ever wear or own.

The benefit of hand cleaning is that the bridal gown is more delicately cared for and will preserve the texture and intricacies of the fabric and last longer than going through any machine or dry-cleaning process, making it look fresh, and as close to perfect condition. 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you make the right decision for your Wedding dress cleaning:

Wedding Dress Cleaning FAQ

When is the best time to have my Wedding dress cleaned?

Brides often delay up to several weeks to take their wedding dress to be cleaned. For best results the more immediately you have your dress cleaned the less of a chance stains spots will have to really set in. 

We highly recommend you take your dress off as soon as the wedding day reception celebrations are over and store it in the same garment bag it came in and definitely do not leave it in a plastic bag. 

We suggest you pass the dress to a bridesmaid, best friend or mum to drop off to the cleaners. 

Should I wash my Wedding dress? 

The fact is that any professional wedding dress cleaning service will own better equipment, use professional stain and treatment products, and have the time to put into cleaning your dress. 

Do I have to prepare my Wedding dress to be Professionally Cleaned? 

No, you absolutely don't need to do anything to your wedding gown before delivering it to be professionally hand-cleaned. In fact, the best wedding dress cleaners prefer you not to treat or pre-process your wedding dress at all before handing it to them for cleaning. 

Do I need to inspect the dress before dropping at the Cleaning Service?

Yes, prior to taking the wedding gown in for cleaning give it a careful examination. We suggest, checking your dress on a clean flat surface such as on your bed, make notes of where your garment is stained, and which sections or embellishments may be damaged and require attention. 

Can all damage to my Wedding dress be repaired?

Unfortunately, sometimes not all damages from the big day can be repaired.  These can be irremovable stains, major rips, tears or missing embellishments. 

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Should I dry-clean my Wedding dress? 

Some brides may prefer dry-cleaning as it is a fast and sometimes less expensive process; however, professional hand cleaning, repair and restoration is a gentler and safer way to look after your valued wedding dress. 

Will all dry cleaners accept heavily beaded and embellished Wedding gowns?

In a lot of instances, dry cleaners may not accept beaded, sequins and heavily embellished gowns due to the risk factor in melting trims as heat is used to dry the wedding dress.    Hand cleaning is the perfect option for wedding dresses with beading and lace.

Do Forever Bridal dry-clean Wedding dresses? 

No, Forever Bridal is not a dry-cleaning agent nor do we dry clean any garments.  We are a wedding dress cleaning specialist.

What types of Wedding dress fabric can be hand-washed?

Most wedding dress fabrics can be professionally hand cleaned. Silk, however, cannot be hand cleaned. 

Does Forever Bridal clean silk Wedding dresses? 

No, silk is the only wedding dress fabric that we will not hand clean.

Do you clean Wedding dresses with lace? 

Yes, professional hand-cleaning is perfect for wedding dresses with lace.

Can you clean a Wedding dress with beading and or embellishments? 

Yes, we specialise in hand-cleaning gowns that have delicate fabric, intricate details, beaded or heavily embellished gowns. 

We do not use harsh dry-cleaning chemicals or commercial drying equipment. Wedding gown fabrics and embellishments can be susceptible to some cleaning chemicals and heat from commercial machines.

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My Wedding dress has some damage, should I repair it before I bring it in? 

Our in-house seamstress will make minor repairs to the gown, if required, as part of the Forever Bridal service. Minor repairs include loose beads, missing hook or eye, any seam that has been split or pulling apart. If there is serious damage, we will discuss it with you (i.e. rip or tear is not considered minor) and quote accordingly. 

How long will it take to hand-clean a Wedding dress? 

Depending on the Wedding dress fabric type and layers, how much hand-cleaning and extra soaking, drying time, embellishments, repairs - it could take from two to six weeks.

How should I store my Wedding dress? 

If you intend to wear your Wedding gown again within the next 6 months, then it can be stored on a hanger in the Wedding dress (breathable) garment bag, not a plastic storage bag.  Over 6 months in storage, we recommend keeping it in the professional preservation box folded and packed with acid-free paper. 

How much is it to professionally hand-clean a Wedding dress? 

Based on our experience, Forever Bridal's professional hand-cleaning service can cost from approximately $249 to $499 depending on the style and fabric of your wedding dress. Forever Bridal's service includes hand-cleaning of the wedding dress, minor repairs, steaming, and making the dress ready for preservation storing or returning on the hanger. 

What is cost of Wedding gown preservation box and tissue paper?

If you wish to purchase a Wedding gown preservation box and 10 sheets of acid free tissue paper the cost is $49;  however, if you purchased your Wedding dress from Forever Bridal is offered free as part of the Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation Service.


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