Professional Wedding Dress Hand Cleaning Service

At Forever Bridal, we do wedding dress hand repair and hand cleaning. Our cleaning and seamstress professionals will spend countless hours in spot cleaning your wedding gown, paying proper attention to discoloring around the hemline, bodice and in other areas we see necessary.

Whether your wedding gown has sequins, embellishments, chiffon, lace, or other elements, our team will treat your dress with special care at Forever Bridal. Your gown will get individual attention and if need be, our wedding dress experts will clean the gown repeatedly until they are sure that it is as spotless as it can be.


So what are you waiting for?

"Let our wedding dress professionals restore your gown to its best possible condition."

 Contact us today for Forever Bridal's professional Wedding dress hand cleaning service.


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No appointment necessary for formal/bridesmaids dresses.

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