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Wedding Veils & Headpieces

We have over 100 Wedding veils and bridal headpieces to choose from in our Brisbane store.  We can even custom make a wedding veil if you can’t find the veil that is perfect for your wedding dress.

Tip: Veils and Headpieces can create great photo opportunities and they add an ideal finishing touch to your wedding dress.

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There's something beautiful about the time-honoured tradition, of wearing a veil and bridal headpiece.  


A bridal headpiece: a crystal tiara, a pearl headband, a diamanté hair slide, or comb is great option for brides wanting to add a statement piece into their hair. They can be lavishly detailed, or classically simple and act as a frame for your hairstyle and/or wedding veil. 

Today, the bridal veil is usually more of a fashion statement than a tradition.


Some brides like to wear a veil over their faces, a blusher veil, but most prefer to just drape it over the back of their hair and combine with a bridal headpiece for a modern bridal look.

Below are some of the veil and hair tips you can follow:

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Veil ​Lengths 

  • A long veil will give you the most dramatic look and it can elevate your bridal styling.  These veils are usually 3m or 3.5m  in length called Cathedral Veils. Or a shorter long veil can be floor length or a 2m Chapel Veil.

  • If you opt to do an outdoor wedding or a registry wedding, a short veil might be an ideal option. These can be Elbow Length or Shoulder Length Veils in one or multi tiers (layers). 

  • A mid-length veil can also be a good option for a traditional gown, such as a ball gown.  It can even transform a slightly non-traditional gown into a more traditional bridal look.   These veils are usually Fingertip Length.

Tip: When deciding on your veil, you must try on the veil with the dress as the length of the veil must balance the proportions of the dress and your body.

Veil Fabrics, Trims & Colours


Today’s bride has so many choices when it comes to a veil:


Pearl Veils, Sparkle or Shimmer Veils, Beaded Veils, Lace Trim Veils, Mantilla Veils, Veils with Flowers and Feathers, Glitter Tulle Veils, Bridal Cape Veils, Cut Edge Tulle Veils. 

Traditional Ivory or White Veils in varying shades or Coloured Veils in Champagne and Blush, Soft Tulle Veils, Veils that add layers in volume with laces and ribbon trims. 


Tip: Choose a texture, trim and colour to enhance the look of your wedding gown.


How to Wear a Veil and Hair Tips

Here are a few ways on how you can wear veil to your liking:

● Chignons and low updos with veils: add a pearl or beaded headband to a loose chignon, then finish by pinning your veil to the base of the hairstyle for a classically romantic look. 
● For half-up wedding hairstyles with veils, the veil should be attached to the bottom half of the style. The hairstyle and veil should rest at the crown of your head or just below it.
● Long wedding hairstyles with veils: you'll either need to pin it in place using bobby pins, or you can consider adding a few clip in hair extensions to serve as an anchor for the veil. 
● High updos and top knots with veils:  the veil looks elegant and chic when fastened underneath the updo. For a retro-inspired look, go with a bouffant style and place the veil closer to your hairline in front of the bun. 

A wedding veil and headpiece are classic bridal statements that can elevate a modern bride or bring a sophisticated mood of regality and luxe to a traditional bride.


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