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5 Things to Remember When Choosing Your Wedding Veil

Wedding Veil

Wedding veils are a unique part of your bridal accessories, a beautiful mix of tradition and elegance that gives brides their distinctive look on their wedding day. So, you may be surprised by how many wedding veil styles there are - from stunning cathedral-length veils to fun and flirty birdcages.

You’ll shop wedding dresses before shopping for your veil, but it’s a good idea to start browsing veils early on in your wedding planning journey so that you have plenty of time to decide what look you want. Your veil should harmonize with your wedding dress first and foremost, and complement your overall look - your ultimate goal should be to achieve balance.

History of the Wedding Veil The history of the wedding veil involves many cultures and traditions, but it’s generally accepted that the significance of wedding veils can be traced back to ancient Rome. At Roman weddings, a bride would arrive at her wedding with a veil over her face to shield herself from spirits who might try to interfere with her happiness. Since then, veils have been a part of weddings in many cultural traditions, and there are many beautiful options available.

1. Pinpoint Your Budget Before you start, have a price tag in mind. What can seem to be a flimsy piece of fabric can actually cost much more than expected, easily racking up your wedding style cost. Like gowns, veils can range significantly in price—usually dependent on the detailing. A simple veil can start at about $200-$300, while more ornate and designer veils can reach up to a thousand.

2. Consider Your Hairstyle Your hairstyle may result in a completely different veil placement. For example, if you're wearing a chignon, you may want to pin your veil below the bun to show off your up-do. If you're envisioning long flowing curls, you may want to pin the veil on the crown of your head to add volume. Make sure you let your bridal consultant know if you are adding any hair embellishments so she can help you choose the right veil style that will suit your accessories, and that it can be pinned securely in your wedding hairstyle.

3. How you want to wear your Veil A veil highlights a bride's appearance when walking down the aisle. It can also enhance the wedding dress by complementing the beading or embroidery on the gown. You also need to decide whether the veil will be pulled back during the ceremony, which makes for an exciting and moving moment—the first time the groom sees his bride's face.

4. Try On Multiple Wedding Veils With Your Dress Your veil will help shape your style on the big day, so naturally, you'll want something that balances the vibes of your dress without overshadowing it. Don't be afraid to try something you wouldn't normally gravitate towards. You may be surprised—keeping things matchy-matchy isn't always the best way to complement your gown, depending on the look you want to achieve. Sometimes, mixing textures is a great way to add some originality.

5. Customisation From the classic unadorned or lace-edged fingertip-length veil; creating your own customised veil can also be a great option for your special day. Any veil can be embellished with organza flowers, pearls or beads, and embroidered appliques to match your gown, your wedding jewellery, be of significance to you and your partner or reflect on your heritage. That said, if you want to wear an embellished veil, it also needs to complement your earrings, necklace, and anything you're wearing in your hair.

Ready to Shop?

At Forever Bridal and Formal we have a wide selection of wedding veils – different styles, materials and lengths so you can narrow down the type of veil you plan to wear and create a beautiful wedding day look. The look can change completely just with the addition of a veil, so it's important to choose your veil based on the vibe you’re trying to create and that you’re comfortable wearing. We like to show the bride several styles that might complement her gown to experiment with to embody different looks. We can also customise your veil to suit your needs. We take pleasure in being able to play a small but vital part of your wedding.

Forever Bridal & Formal, Stafford is a locally owned boutique-style store on the inner north-side of Brisbane offering a fantastic selection of unique styles from Australian designers, and we import our own brand with “one-of-a-kind” wedding dresses especially suited to our local clientele. With off-the-rack dresses and designs to suit every silhouette we have the ability to customise with our own in-house seamstress. We pride ourselves in our personalised service and care more about the fit and style to suit each client, rather than the brand or just the latest trends. We can also help you with your accessories, bridesmaids and mother-of-the bride dresses.

If you are excited to choose your ideal wedding gown, get in touch with Forever Bridal & Formal to book an appointment. Contact us today to find out how we can help you choose the dress you need to look a million dollars on that all-important day. Tel: 3175 4525 or email


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