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Wedding Dress Alterations to make you look your best!

Every bride wants a perfect wedding day from the ceremony to the reception and most of all, the perfect wedding dress. Having the right wedding dress is not just about finding the dress of your dreams; it’s also about having it fit you perfectly. Minor wedding dress alterations are usually necessary with a standard off-the-rack and even a custom-created dress, if you want to look your absolute best and have a truly unique and special dress on your wedding day. Fortunately, almost everything about a wedding dress can be fixed and fitted, and with the right type of alterations you can look fabulous on your wedding day.

At Forever Bridal & Formal we find there are generally two main categories of bridal gowns that need dress alterations: Brides with new dresses that aren't a perfect fit: Almost 90% of brides who buy a brand new wedding dress need alterations as it is highly unlikely that all your measurements will match the designer's size chart exactly. Basic alterations include taking in and letting out of a gown by altering the bust, waist and shoulder measurements, hemline adjustment and fixing the bustle. Apart from these, wedding dress alteration services can add or take away embellishments like lace and beading, add or remove sleeves, change necklines and hemlines, and take away or add layers to the skirt of a wedding dress. Brides who want to redesign or update an existing wedding gown: Our talented seamstress can help re-purpose your existing gown, such as an heirloom dress passed down from your mother or grandmother, while keeping the desired features intact, and change it into a different style that appeal more to your taste. Alterations can allow you to add changes and give it a modern update so that it is closer to your idea of the ideal wedding dress.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your wedding dress alterations: Always choose a professional bridal alteration service: Not all seamstresses are equipped to perform wedding dress alterations as these take longer than typical dress alterations, and a professional who has experience in working with wedding dresses can do the task more efficiently than a regular seamstress. So, never attempt alterations on your own or entrust the responsibility to anyone other than a professional wedding dress alteration service. At Forever Bridal & Formal, we have our own professional in-house alterations service and private dressing rooms. Alterations are handled by our talented seamstress with years of bridal and formal experience.

When to buy your Wedding Dress? Ideally you should buy your wedding dress at least eight to ten months prior to your wedding day so you have plenty of time for multiple fittings. Only then will you have enough time for alterations as well as finding the accessories you need to complete your wedding day look. Wedding dress alterations are complex and time-consuming. You will usually have to schedule more than one fitting session, to make sure your dress is properly altered as every step can take hours of labour. So, you should block your appointments and not wait until the last minute. Discuss the possibilities with your seamstress: During your first wedding alteration consultation, you will meet our Forever Bridal in-house seamstress. So, apart from getting the dress to fit you, she will provide recommendations on what can be done to make your dress perfect. You can also discuss custom changes like reshaping the gown, adding cups to the dress, changing the sleeve length or neckline, removing or adding embellishments or embroidery. At this session, our seamstress will be able to tell you how many more sessions you'll need to schedule. Plan your sessions at the right time: Do not plan your sessions too ahead of time, as your measurements may change if you lose or gain weight closer to the wedding. We usually recommend booking your first alterations appointment approximately 8-12 weeks before your wedding date. You may need up to three fitting sessions to get your dress to fit perfectly. As the sessions progress, you will see your gown coming closer to its final look, feel comfortable and fit perfectly. The fitting sessions that follow the initial consultation will be shorter than the first.

Take undergarments, shoes and accessories to all scheduled appointments: You should bring along the same undergarments that you will be wearing under your wedding dress to your fitting sessions as well as your wedding shoes or shoes of a similar height to your fittings, as this will allow your seamstress to adjust the hemline to the right dress length. Additionally, if you would like to see how the entire bridal look comes together, carry your accessories including the veil, jewellery and everything you plan to wear with your wedding dress. For the final fitting, bring your maid of honour, Mum or best friend with you, so she can learn how the clasps and buttons have to be properly secured. Read more about what to bring to your Bridal Appointment

Picking up your perfectly fitting wedding dress: Your last fitting session should ideally be at least two weeks before your wedding. This will give you enough time for any final adjustments that may be required. Forever Bridal will have your dress steamed, to remove any wrinkles and creases before you pick it up. We will provide it to you in a complimentary wedding gown storage bag (non-see though, but breathable for our Queensland climate) for you to take home and hang in a safe place, where it will not be prone to stains or accidents and check the care instructions.

What to do after your Wedding Day: Forever Bridal & Formal offers a cleaning service that makes it easy for you! We will bring your dress back to its best by doing minor repairs and hand cleaning, before storing your gown safely in a preservation box with acid free tissue paper. This service ranges from $150-450 depending on the type of dress.

Frequently Asked Questions - Wedding Dresses Alterations

1. Does the cost of a wedding dress include alteration costs? The price of a bridal dress does not include alteration costs.

2. How much do wedding dress alterations cost? Wedding Dress alterations can range from $100 to $800 depending on the type of alterations and extent of work involved and labour it requires. An average cost for wedding dress alterations allow $250-$450. After your initial appointment our bridal alteration service will be able to give you an accurate quote before you commit to it.

3. Custom alterations? Custom alterations are not usually started until your dress is 100% paid in full. To cut the cost, if you are on a budget, try to choose a wedding dress that requires minimum changes. 4. How long do alterations take? This will depend on what type of alterations will be done. Wedding dress alterations typically take two to four weeks to complete, and longer if there is more work involved.

5. What type of alterations can be done? Common bridal gown alterations include shortening the hem, taking in the dress, strap adjustments, sewing in bra cups, adjusting the bodice, adding a privacy or modesty panel, a train loop and button for bustling the dress. More intricate work is required for fitted gowns such as adjusting the sides to get the perfect fit and comfort factor, replacing zips, changing the neckline, adding a lace-up tie back, adding or removing sleeves. Customisations can include adding or taking away embellishments like lace and beading, adding a matching jacket or cape, or creating a personalised veil or train with embroidery to make a unique outfit.

At Forever Bridal & Formal, Stafford, Brisbane we sell off the rack wedding dresses which will allow you enough time to find your perfect gown and organise alterations and customisations if necessary. We have the expertise and experience to handle your wedding dress alterations. Our professional seamstresses will ensure that your gown fits you perfectly, and take you one step closer to how you want to look on your big day. Our expert alteration services also extend to evening dresses and bridesmaids. Contact us today to book your consultation by calling us directly on 3175 4525 or email

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