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7 Reasons not to buy your Wedding dress online!

Expectation vs Reality

During this unusual time you might be tempted to look and buy your Wedding Dress online! When it comes to getting hitched one aspect that can make or break a girl’s big day is picking the perfect dress - this is one day, one dress, do you need any more stress?

The world of online shopping can be a bride's greatest treasure or a bride's worst move yet. Some “affordable online boutiques” can entice a thrifty bride into believing that she's getting a great deal on a gorgeous gown. But when that package finally arrives, sometimes you realize that you get what you paid for... While online shopping is always risky, buying a wedding dress online may be biggest gamble of them all.

When it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Trying on dresses locally, then comparing and ordering something similar online will not help as dresses are totally different when you try them on in person - the cut, structure of the gown, boning, attention to detail, quality control. Still, many brides-to-be will scour the internet in search of tempting discounts or convincing counterfeit gowns. But if you dare to order that dream dress online, you may well receive a truly unrecognizable garment in your mailbox - not to mention, it probably comes from a sweat shop. There is nothing like your senses – seeing, touching, and feeling everything.

We all hope for a dress that will perfectly accentuate our figures and make us look like an actual princess for our special day. We believe if you shop around locally you will be able to find a beautiful dress at the right price that you love.

Here are several reasons “expectation vs reality” to consider before you make that final decision as online might not be such a great idea!

  1. Photographs may not represent the exact dress you think you are buying. Some international websites have no regard for copyrights of designers and use a copy of their designs. Some dresses are not even made by the websites involved, you are usually dealing with a middle man or an unknown company entity from another country. Even if you see “real photos” this is still no guarantee that is the dress you will receive.

  2. Styling & Shape…will it suit you? Made to measure does not necessarily mean it will fit perfectly when it arrives - no bust, no hips, no backside – basically no shape or style about it. There is no better way of seeing different styles and how they fit your shape than trying on in store - a real body in a dress fits and falls totally differently for each person.

  3. Fabrics may be inferior, end of rolls, seconds in fabric choice and have cheap embellishments. One dress may be perfect, but the next different dress sits totally differently in a different fabric.

  4. Colours – There are hundreds of whites, ivory, cream for your dress, but all different colours of lace and embroidery. It is very difficult to see the different shades on a computer screen – you really need to see colours in person.

  5. Quality cannot fix bad sewing, no fabric in seams if alterations needed, missing items, cheap beads, marks on fabric. Even a recommended online store does not mean you will receive the best quality item.

  6. Delivery - Your Wedding Dress does not arrive on time, is days late, or just never arrives. You may then need to deal with middle men, which may mean more time and money and just be too late.

  7. Lack of communication, refund and guarantees - what they say does not happen. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly as we hear many stories that these companies will also tell you anything to get the sale.It seems there’s often no easy way to return these creations, either.Sending the dress back at your own expense for a refund only to never see your dress or the original payment again.

Unfortunately, not every dream dress is in our price range... and sometimes, trying to cut corners in this department can lead to disastrous results. Buyer beware!

Forever Bridal & Formal is a locally owned boutique-style store on the inner northside of Brisbane offering a fantastic selection of unique styles from Australian and overseas designers, and we import our own brand with “one-of-a-kind” dresses especially suited to our local clientele. We pride ourselves in our personalised service and care more about the fit and style to suit each client, rather than the brand or just the latest trends.

If you are excited to choose your ideal wedding gown, get in touch with Forever Bridal & Formal in Stafford, Brisbane to book an appointment. With off-the-rack dresses, we cater for brides of all ages, sizes, and cultures. Call us today to find out how we can help you choose the dress you need to look a million dollars on that all-important day. Tel: 3175 4525 or email

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