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What to Expect at your Wedding Dress or Bridal Gown Appointment

Firstly, congratulations on making your appointment, some girls find this daunting as they are not shoppers, or have not worn dresses, but that is where a caring store and consultant will help. Check the store’s reviews before settling on the store/s you choose for your appointments. Read our customer testimonials as we'd love for you to book an appointment with us.

Allow plenty of time for each appointment, and breaks in between, and don’t cram in too many appointments in one day. It can be a tiring and emotional day. Try to arrive at each appointment relaxed and on time.

Arriving at the store, you will check in at reception, be introduced to your styling consultant and then they will invite you to take a seat and ask you about your wedding and dream dress. They will ask you to share basic information about your event, your contact preferences and your dress budget, so they can provide excellent service throughout your search to find that perfect dress.

Once the basic information gathering is out of the way, your consultant will select some fabulous bridal dresses you will hopefully fall in love with. These dresses will normally be styles according to your brief and you will be able to try them should always try on some of the blue styles chosen by your consultant as sometimes, it is these styles that may even suit you better and be the one you fall in love with. Tip: Do try on something different and out of your comfort zone.

Keep in mind that most wedding gowns look best out of the bag and worn with special underwear, so we suggest that you wear nude/skin coloured seamless underwear and a strapless bra, and shape wear if you are going to wear it on the day. Tip: Don’t say no to a dress with no hanger appeal, unless the fabric is something you would not wear.

Most appointments will go for a minimum of one hour and some up to 2 hours, depending on the store and bookings. There is no rule, so try on as many dresses as you can, if you find the one, stop, enjoy the moment.

You will find that once you've selected your gown, all your wedding-planning decisions will be easier. Most stores will help every step along the way, from your bridal gown, colour scheme for bridesmaids' dresses and all the finishing details! Tip: Best to always find the wedding dress first.

The best stores will also have an amazing collection of bridal veils, headpieces, and accessories, so you'll be beautifully dressed from head to toe, once you get the decision about your dress finalised.

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