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This Season’s Hottest Wedding Dresses

Every year the trends in wedding attire change. It’s easy to get caught in a rut if the only thing you see at weddings are the standard white dress and tuxedo. We’ve done our best to outline this season’s hottest wedding dress trends so that you have something fun and quirky to pick from for your own wedding. Not only to keep it fun and interesting for you, but to make it stand out from the rest and make it a truly memorable experience.


Although we mentioned it in a slightly negative light in the opening paragraph, the traditional wedding dresses are still in high demand. Flowing veils and flowing dresses are still incredibly popular and can add a very romantic spin to any wedding. These dresses are made from the traditional soft fabrics and satin sashes that wedding dresses are known for. One change we’re seeing though is that more dresses these days are focusing on floral patterns to accentuate certain parts of the dress as opposed to adding flare to the entire gown.

Strapless/Neck Line Attention

Strapless dresses are still quite popular for spring and “brighter” wedding occasions that take place earlier in the year. As a trend moving away from the strapless variety, dresses with a single shoulder are growing in popularity to help accentuate a particular aspect of the wearer’s neckline or to draw attention to the jewelry the bride is wearing.


One major difference from traditional wedding fare this year is the addition of many new colours to the bridal palette. This year sees many vibrant colours such as deep red, turquoise, and even purple becoming popular choices for brides to be.


You may be surprised to hear that dots are making a comeback in 2013. Dots are helping push a retro theme that’s grown in popularity this year. They aim to bring back the “love” culture that was once popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s.


Just when you thought 3D couldn’t make its way into anything else, it’s found a way into wedding dress designs. While all dresses are technically three dimensional, designers are taking things a bit further by trying to incorporate portions of their designs that jut out and flow all over into portions of dresses. The three dimensional aspects are typically kept at or around the waist line so you’re not trying to dodge an art piece in front of your face when it’s time for the first kiss.

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