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How to choose between so many Wedding Dress options?

Choosing your Wedding Dress can be overwhelming. Here at Forever Bridal we believe there are some major facts that you should consider before buying your wedding dress.

Budget The main fact of consideration at the time of choosing and buying wedding dress is the budget. Discuss this with the person who will contribute financially to your day and decide how much you want to budget for your wedding attire. Forever Bridal will certainly be able to find something fabulous in your suitable price range.


Choosing a wedding dress depends on the selection of place for your wedding ceremony and this is the most important part of whole decision. Whether the place is a simple church, a grand cathedral, a stylish civil party centre, relaxed beach wedding in the tropics or at a modern hotel. Once the place has been chosen, then consider the season of year and wedding time.

Colour The next matter of choosing your wedding dress is "colour". Choose your favourite colour or the one that makes your skin look gorgeous. It also depends on the style of your wedding.


Wedding Dresses come in a variety of fabrics of very light materials like chiffon and crepe, through silk to heavy brocades. Take into consideration the time of year of your wedding. Don’t choose a heavy fabric if you will be in the height of summer, or a whisper of chiffon may not be the best if you think you have to go outside into cooler weather. Decoration of Gown

Choose the decoration for your wedding dress. It could be with bead work, lots of sparkle and crystals, embroidery or patterned fabrics. We have an enormous selection of embellishments including Beading, Belts, Bling, Crystal, Laces, Flowers, to customize your look.

Dress shape

There are a number of different dress styles available; you should try on each style to get an idea of what you like. It might just be a style you had not considered before.

Sleeves If you don’t want your arms to be uncovered, then consider a dress with sleeves. Otherwise you could choose a sleeveless dress but cover your arms with a jacket, shrug or wrap. At Forever Bridal our in house seamstress can assist with customising your dress just for you including adding straps, caps or sleeves.


Next, think about the type of neckline you want as it will draw interest to your upper body. Your face, neck and shoulders can all be heightening by the shape of the top part of the dress.


Veils come in different lengths and types and may have one or more layers with simple stitched edge, have a ribbon or other edging material around them; some are roofed with scattered crystals, sequins or beads so choose something that suits the style of your outfit.

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