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Wedding Wear Tips For The Groom

A large selection of a men’s formal wear is now available to buy including classic black tuxedos as well as many coloured and patterned suits. There is also an incredibly large array of waistcoats/vests in stock to make the men stand out in the crowd.

Once the formality of the event and the venue have been decided the groom’s and groomsmen’ outfits are easily worked out complementing the type of event, venue and of course the girls.

Groomsmen Tips:

Here are some easy tips to help you through the process:

  • Semi-formal weddings: Usually a more casual suit in a colour other than black. Navy or shades of blue have been extremely popular over the last few years. Waistcoats are extremely popular as most men will take off their jackets very quickly, and the waistcoat/vest keeps them looking special for the day. Usually a long necktie is worn, either skinny or standard, off-white or white shirt depending on the bride’s wedding dress selection. Occasionally coloured shirts are worn.

  • Casual/Beach weddings: Usually a light coloured suit or perhaps just pants and vest (no jacket) usually white/off white shirts, groomsmen could wear coloured shirts, and this is usually a no tie style.

  • Formal weddings: Then wear a black one button tuxedo jacket with matching trousers, white shirt (Peak collar or wingtip), usually a bowtie, and black formal wear shoes. Cummerbunds are a definite no, a sleek James Bond look is what is required.

Charcoal, navy or black wedding formal wear offers timeless grace. For adding colour and individuality to your styling, accentuate the appearance with coloured vests, ties and pocket hankies.

Suits now come in many colours and patterns, but you may not like looking back on those outfits as time passes.

Stylish grooms can select ivory or white as their preferred shirt and vest colour. Complimenting their bride’s wedding dress. Groomsmen should complement the groom rather than the bridesmaids.

It is important that there is no clash of colours with the bridesmaids. Colours can be toning rather than matching.

Wedding styling is meant to seem effortless even though many days and hours may have been spent planning outfits.

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