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The Micro-Wedding Trend: Benefits of a Small Wedding!

As COVID affects our everyday life and special occasions, the micro-wedding was born out of necessity. Between group gathering restrictions, social distancing guidelines and discouraged travel, couples are now left with the task of having to face new realities with their events moving forward - for some couples that involves whittling down their guest lists and in retrospect for others has turned out to be an unexpected blessing!

You could just get your marriage licence, hire a celebrant, and grab a few friends, then take advantage of the small size and get married somewhere you could never have a typically-sized wedding. With fewer guests comes less work, less budget required, fewer opinions and people to please, and more options in terms of spaces to celebrate! So, this is where Micro Weddings are becoming extremely popular for a number of reasons. Here are some planning tips you should be considering to make this small-scale celebration as memorable as a ballroom blowout bash. What Is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 30 guests. While they tend to be less traditional, more and more couples are choosing to have their dream wedding on a much smaller scale. With a greatly uncertain future, this is the best way to celebrate your love if you’re not wanting to wait or push back your special day.

What are the most common misconceptions about a small wedding?

For brides who have always dreamed of a big wedding, there is a fear that “small” is not a “real” wedding. Many are afraid or struggle with the regret when they have to reduce everything and think that all the effort is not worth it if everyone cannot be there. In actual fact you are doing yourselves, and possibly your family a big favour, as the constant back and forth is a huge test of endurance for the newlyweds.

Once you have come up with an alternative plan, you can celebrate your vows in an intimate way followed by a special party with a lot of joy with the closest people which would otherwise not be possible. Then hopefully after restrictions have changed, the bridal couple can celebrate again with a big party for everyone as well as put on your wedding dress for a second time. Now that’s a real positive.

Sounds good! Ready to go micro?

What are the benefits of a small wedding?

Bridal couples shouldn’t give up their original dream plans for a big wedding or their ideal wedding dress. There are so many benefits that can make it one of the most unforgettable weddings ever. Make It Meaningful The emotions between the couple can be felt more closely with parents, family and friends especially when it’s a more intimate wedding. Don’t skip the chance to share words and promises with one another, surrounded by the people who are truly closest to the two of you. Include sentimental details, like wearing your grandmother’s brooch or having your dog walk down the aisle with you, to give the day personal value.

Get Dressed Up - All eyes are on the bride on her wedding day! Brides may feel that they can’t wear the wedding dress of their dreams if they are having a smaller wedding, but it can be completely different. No matter how big or small your wedding, you only buy a dress like this once in a lifetime so don’t let it take away from this important moment. Who are you really buying the dress for? Sure, for yourself, but above all for the groom. He now has a lot more time to look at his beautiful bride and tell himself that he won the jackpot. Brides can even wear the dress again at the second party with many more guests. How great is that?

Pick a Venue

No one can see into the future but one can prepare for it, such as looking for a location that works well for 20-30 people and find out about cancellation fees or regulations in the contracts. With more budget you open up the world of unique spaces that are inaccessible to larger weddings. Whether your wedding is big or small, it’s easier to find a venue and then tailor your guest list to fit, instead of inviting everyone and then realizing you can’t find the right space. You can rent out cafés, restaurants, bars, parks, galleries, or really anywhere you’d never consider for a big wedding. Then splurge on special details that could not have been afforded with a big wedding.

Cover the Basics The three things to have at all weddings, regardless of size, are great food, music, and drinks! Weddings are celebrations, and people love to come together to share a meal and dance, so these three items are a must. Food is the base, drinks to complement, and dancing makes it fun! Of course, flowers, stationery, and décor, but those aren’t must-haves for a celebration. Start with the basics, and add those details in to enhance the evening and create a vibe that encourages joy and love.

Create a Personal Experience for Your Guests

While you’re thinking about adding those meaningful touches, do so for your guests, too. Write personalised notes to every guest to place at their seat, or consider hand-written invitations instead of having them printed. It’s much easier to add those really special touches for 20 people than it is for 200! And since you’ve gone through the trouble of narrowing your guest list down so far, you’re guaranteed to have a super-close connection, having more time for conversations and making memories with individual guests and for each other as a couple.

Turn to the Pros If you can afford it, a Wedding planner is a good investment. They have already been tried and tested with the most adverse circumstances and can mediate well between all parties and advise on how to plan sensibly with anticipation. Some offer hourly rates that would be just the thing for an intimate celebration that doesn’t require the same level of planning as a larger-scale wedding.

Hire a Photographer

No matter how small your wedding is, hire a professional photographer/videographer. You’ll want to document this day, no matter what. But that doesn’t mean you need an eight to 10-hour package and a second shooter. A smaller guest list also means a smaller shot list, so talk to your photographer about creating a custom package for a shorter amount of time. You will have more time for photos and your loved ones and look back at the photos 50 years from now and say how fab you both looked!

What can you do yourself! If you only need a cake for 30 people, look for someone who can create what you love - get creative with your local bakery or favourite confectionery shop instead of a wedding cake baker who has a minimum spend. Talk to your local florist, who might specialize in single arrangements instead of bouquets. Pick up a few arrangements instead of having them deliver a dozen of them, which will cut that budget and still make the space beautiful. A dozen guests mean you’ll only have one or two tables, and floral arches are a great resource for a smaller table.

Also, book the service providers that you definitely need and who can do their job regardless of the number of guests: celebrant, hairdresser, make-up artist, musician, cars/transportation, photographer and/or videographer.

So what does a successful mini-wedding look like?

A small number of guests making many dreams possible. What you couldn’t afford before, now the budget is there. The emotions between parents and their children, the siblings and witnesses, it is all so intimate. There is time for conversations and memories to the fullest with your loved ones. In short, that day really had two families come together. There is a sense of gratitude, a joy to be able to say yes after all, and postpone the big party until you can celebrate again. Unforgettable!

Ready to Shop?

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