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Wedding Gowns for A Beach Wedding

Gone are the days of the stuffy, over the top formal wedding. More and more couples are choosing to enjoy their special day in a more relaxed, fun atmosphere and what better way to do that than at the beach. Even celebrities are opting for outdoorsy, beach weddings; remember Cindy Crawford’s beautiful Bahamas wedding?

Whether you’re headed to the Bahamas or are having a home-grown Aussie beach wedding, your special day needs a dress that is just as special. There are no hard and fast rules and since it’s your day, you really can wear whatever you want. But if you’re stuck and want some ideas for what would be ideal, we have a few ideas.

The Material?

The best advice is to pick a wedding dress that is made of a lightweight fabric. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you probably don’t want to be suffering in an uncomfortable dress that is better suited for an air-conditioned environment. Tulle and organza are popular choices for beach wedding gowns as they are lightweight.

The Length?

Again, how long you want your wedding dress to be is really a personal decision. However, since you will be on the beach, it’s best to have a dress that doesn’t get messy outdoors. You could opt for a knee length dress to make sure you don’t get any sand on your dress. But if that’s not your style, pick an A-line floor length dress that doesn’t have a long train. Remember, you will probably be barefoot throughout the ceremony, so your dress shouldn’t be so long that you trip over it!

Go Casual ?

A true beach bum and fancy dresses not really your thing? Wear a simple slip dress is a casual option and if you fancy a walk along the beach after the ceremony, you don’t have to worry about your dress getting wet! For the even more beach-inclined – you could ditch the dress completely and invest in a fancy sarong and matching top with matching accessories suitable for a beach wedding.

Extra Touches

Don’t overpower your look with over the top jewellery. Complete your beach babe look with flower accessories like a garland and maybe even a flower tiara.

Really, really want a dress with a train? Organize to have a red carpet leading up to the “altar” so your train doesn’t drag the sand with it. A carpet’s also handy if you’re not keen on going barefoot – the carpet will prevent your heels from getting stuck in the sand.

For beach wedding gowns on the Sunshine Coast head to Forever Bridal for a variety of wedding dress options. The store also stocks more formal wedding dresses, dresses for bridesmaids, formals and even options for the mother of the bride.

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