Wedding Veils & Headpieces

The veil is a classic bridal statement piece that elevates a modern bride. 
Bridal veils and headpieces bring a sophisticated mood of regality and luxe.

Veils and Headpieces
A veil is said to be what transforms a lady in a gorgeous white gown into a bride.  There's something so beautiful about the flowing fabric and time-honoured tradition, whether it's a birdcage style or cathedral-length and lace-edged. It's an essential statement piece of tulle fabric that elevates any bridal dress making it an ideal finishing touch.

A bridal headpiece is a great option for brides wanting to add a statement piece to their hair. They're lavishly detailed, act as a frame for your hairstyle and/or wedding veil, and make a lovely centrepiece as you walk down the aisle. Today, the bridal veil is more of a fashion statement than a tradition. Some brides like to wear one over their faces, but most prefer to drape it over the back of their hair and dress and just create a classic bridal headpiece to spice up a modern bride.

A Modern Bride’s Guide on Veils and Headpieces
For a modern bride who wants a classic twist, veils and headpieces can put your whole ensemble together.  Here are some of the tips you can follow.

Veil ​Length
A long veil will give you the most dramatic, picturesque look. It can be a lot of work to protect the veil from trailing on the floor, but that just adds the right crisp that can elevate your bridal look.  If you opt to do an outdoor wedding, a short veil might be an ideal option. A mid-length veil can also be a good option for a traditional gown, such as a ball gown.  It can transform a slightly non-traditional gown to a highly modern look.   

Veil Fabric & Textures
The core accessory norm is in effect. More delicate face characteristics (think exquisite cheekbones and narrow noses) and lighter hair complement more delicate ornamental components. Bolder forms and broader nets, on the other hand, highlight more prominent features and darker hair. 

A few tips when choosing a texture of fabric for your Veils would be:






English net


French net

The headpiece should flatter the shape of your face. In what ways does your hair make the face look more or less oval? For example, curly hair framing your cheeks widens it, an up-do or long straight hair lengthens it, whereas hair tightly combed back shows off the shape of the face as it is.  Your jewellery also affects and alters the shape of your face. Long earrings extend it, while rounder jewellery adds to its roundness.  An overview of jewellery and optical illusions. darker fascinator eloise couture.

How to Wear a Veil
Unless you're used to sporting elaborate headpiece or beautiful curls on a daily basis, choosing your wedding hairstyle may feel like you're venturing into uncharted beauty land. If you want something a little shorter, look at the general shape of your gown and attempt to find a length that works for you. 

Here are a few ways on how you can wear veil to your liking.
● Chignons and low updos with veils.  Add a pearl or beaded headband to a loose chignon, then finish by pinning your veil to the base of the hairstyle for a classically romantic look. 
● Half-up wedding hairstyles with veils.  For half-up wedding hairstyles with veils, the veil should be attached to the bottom half of the style. The hairstyle and veil should rest at the crown of your head or just below it.
● Long wedding hairstyles with veils.  You'll either need to pin it in place using bobby pins, or you can consider adding a few clip-in hair extensions to serve as an anchor for the veil. 
● High updos and top knots with veils.  A veil looks elegant and chic when fastened underneath the updo. For a retro-inspired look, go with a bouffant style and place the veil closer to your hairline in front of the bun. 

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