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Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Dress Alterations

Although getting a new Wedding Dress for your big day may be extremely exciting, there are probably a lot of questions running through your head about the entire process. While they’re probably easy questions that someone who works in the wedding industry can answer, no question is too silly or simple to ask when it comes to choosing your wedding dress. Here you will find some commonly asked questions that brides have asked our Forever Bridal in house seamstress, as well as the responses you can expect to receive.

How much and how do I Pay?

Right out of the gate, you’ll probably wonder how much you should be paying for your wedding dress and how you’ll actually make the payment. Depending on the number of alterations you want to get done to the dress, the price may differ from what’s on the price tag. Typically, dress makers work in what’s known as a “thirds process.” That means that whatever the final price of the dress is negotiated to be, you’ll pay one third of the total cost as a deposit, one third when you arrive for your first dress fitting, and the final third of the payment when you actually go in to try the dress on and pick it up for your big day.

How long do dresses take to make?

The answer to this question depends on many different factors. Depending on how many different alterations you’re looking to have done to the dress and whether or not the dress is completely custom made. This time can be drastically cut down if you simply choose a dress that’s from the showroom and have it slightly altered to fit your body, or if you choose to have your dress "rush tailored". If you would like the dress maker to have your dress ready sooner, expect to pay a little more. What should I bring to the first fitting?

The first fitting is the most important for bridal gown dress makers, as it allows them to get a real idea of how the dress fits on your body. In order to ensure that things go smoothly with your fitting, be sure that you bring with you any accessories you plan on wearing. Most importantly remember to bring the shoes you’d like to wear, as they will help the dress maker determine where the hem line of the dress should be.

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