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10 Bridal Makeup and Dresses Ideas for the Spring Season

Spring is here, and at Forever Bridal we’re excited! As a Brisbane wedding dress store specialising in off-the-rack bridal gowns, we love the versatility in wedding fashion that spring brings.

If you’re planning a spring wedding and looking for ideas, we’ve got ten bridal makeup and dresses ideas for your spring celebration.

The Classic Wedding

Classic makeup will always be an excellent option for a Brisbane spring wedding. It is elegant, timeless and magical. Velvety brown eye makeup and a clean-cut eyeliner is the key to this look. You can soften it with dark brown eyeliner and complete the look with rosy pink lipstick. Don’t overdo your bronzer for this one.

When it comes to fashion, a dress with transitional pieces is what works best. We’re talking capes, removable sleeves, and overskirts. With this, you’ll achieve a timeless ensemble that will be the envy of many.

Natural Wedding Look

A spring wedding is the best time to go with makeup that has longevity. Natural makeup does just that. So, go for strong brows, light sculpting and gorgeous lashes. Neutral eye shadows and a nude lip will also ensure that you spend the whole day looking fresh.

This look works perfectly for bridal dresses with floral motifs. If there’s one season where this wedding dress style dominates in Brisbane, it is spring. The result? A breathtaking bridal look to adore.

Vintage Wedding Fashion

For the spring vintage wedding look, there is no need to go too dramatic. You can still get that gorgeous vintage aura without overdoing it. Focus on your eyes with liquid liner and full lashes. You can then include winged silver liners to add to the drama. For your lips, apricot pink is just perfect.

A wedding dress with puff sleeves is just what you need to complete this Spring vintage look. This Bridgerton-inspired comeback will have heads turning as you walk down the aisle.

Dramatic Spring Wedding Look

This dramatic wedding look is romantic and elegant at the same time. To achieve it, work with thick full lashes, eyeliner, and smokey eyes. A nude lip can balance it up as you can’t be too dramatic since it is spring. With this dramatic spring wedding idea, you can either focus on your eyes or your lips. A light dusting of your face with bronzer and your look will be complete.

With this look you can go for bridal separates. This trend is here to stay and is perfect for this dramatic spring wedding look too. They’ll also help you achieve that fresh rosy look that is perfect for the outdoors.

The Bold Spring Wedding

You guessed right; the red lip is the lipstick of choice for this bold fashion idea. Timeless and classic, this look is a favourite of the beauty world. It’s also perfect for a modern wedding. A little mascara in addition to that is sure to create an excellent contrast with your crisp white wedding dress.

Speaking of wedding dresses, one with a corset bodice would be perfect this look. It is bold and unapologetic especially with your bright red lips!

Romantic Spring Wedding Look

For your romantic spring wedding look, use a charcoal grey palette for your smokey eye makeup. You can also use the sultry plum shades to achieve the same thing. Be lighter on the lid and build darker at the outer corners of your eyes. A nude lipstick with warm undertones would perfect this.

In line with the romantic aura, your spring wedding dress should have a deep V-neck. This daring aesthetic is the epitome of romance. It will ensure that your partner cannot keep their eyes off you all night.

Your Spring Beach Wedding

For your spring beach wedding, you’ll need an illuminating primer to get that sun-kissed look. Your overall vibe should be dewy and bronzed with nude lip gloss to match. Finish this look with your bronzer framing your face along your hairline, cheekbone, and jawline.

Mini wedding dresses have been the bridal dresses topping trends recently. They are practical and won’t be too bulky for the beach. You’ll look amazing in this one.

Bohemian Wedding Look

For your boho wedding makeup, you have to keep things natural and dewy. Start by priming your skin with an illuminator to get a glowing base. You can also highlight your face at its high points and add some sparkle. Add a pastel rose lip colour, and voila, you’re the perfect Bohemian queen.

As a local Brisbane wedding dress store we love boho bridal dresses here at Forever Bridal. So, something with feathers is sure to work. It’s the perfect opportunity to amp up your wedding fashion.

The Sultry Wedding Look

There is no rule that says you have to play it safe with your spring wedding makeup. So, feel free to combine a strong lip color with smudged eyeliner for the perfect sultry wedding look. You can go soft on your hairstyle to balance it.

With this look, you can go for bridal dresses with sexy silhouettes. Their form-fitting and skin barring design will certainly make their mark at your wedding.

Spring Glam Wedding Look

For your spring glam look, you have to keep things feminine but flirty. So, play up your features in the best way. Natural busy eyebrows will work wonders when paired with false lashes and lashings of mascara. For the best finishing, ensure that your lip, cheek, and eye shadow match.

The best glam wedding dress option is the thigh-high slit wedding dress. Be ready to step out and show a little skin in this glamorous wedding fashion option. Your guests won’t be able to get enough of you.

Ready to Shop?

If you are excited to choose your ideal Wedding Gown, get in touch with Forever Bridal & Formal to book a complimentary Bridal appointment. With off-the-rack dresses, designs to suit every silhouette, and the ability to customise your dream dress with our own in-house seamstress. We cater to brides of all ages, sizes, and cultures. Contact us today to find out how we can help you choose the perfect dress you for that all-important day. Tel: 3175 4525 or email


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