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Wedding Traditions “Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue” Where they came from!

So where does this rhyming wedding tradition come from… and wondering about the meaning behind this wedding mantra "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" ? We’ve got you covered…. So whilst you might be social distancing it is also a good time to connect with your family and friends to find those special items and plan ways to customise to your personality and incorporate in your wedding day.

The Old English rhyme is all about good luck charms, "Something Olde (symbolizes continuity), Something New (offers optimism for the future), Something Borrowed (represents borrowed happiness), Something Blue (purity, love and fidelity), and a Sixpence (maybe a 5 cent piece) in your Shoe (prosperity)”.

But don't stress over them—they're not meant to dictate your wedding style or inspire a hunt for the perfect "somethings." They're usually small tokens of love that your mother, sister, other relatives and/or attendants will give you at the eleventh hour (although you can give them to yourself too). And now, of course, this sweet tradition extends far beyond trinkets for the bride. The groom can wear a blue tie or borrow their grandfathers' cufflinks. Bridesmaids can wear blue and act as the bride's “something blue.” Blue manicures, a display of old family photographs, new jewellery or a beautiful getaway car for the couple—you name it.

The Meaning of "Something Old" This Victorian rhyme is supposed to bring good luck and 'something old' was a sure way to ward off the Evil Eye and protect any future children the couple might have (the Evil Eye was thought to cause infertility in the bride—yikes). But more generally, and on a more lighthearted note, “something old” represents continuity and staying connected to their family. For this, a bride may wish to wear a family heirloom such as a gorgeous pair of your mother’s earrings you’ve always fawned over, a locket or ring, or say, sew some of the pearls from your grandmother’s collection onto the sleeve of your gown. Maybe one of your family members has a beautiful garment that’s no longer in the best condition - you can take a swatch of fabric from it and either wrap it around your bouquet or sew it onto your dress lining as a sweet homage. A bride can decorate the 'something old' trinket and make it a part of her wedding attire as an accessory.

The Meaning of "Something New" 'Something new' represents the couple's new union and optimism for the future. The couple is about to enter into a new chapter in life, so walking into marriage with “something new” makes total sense. Couples often tick this box before they even learn this rhyme exists. It’s up to you whether your “something new” is a gift from someone else or the result of a treat-yourself moment. It can truly be anything, including your wedding dress, veil, a stunning piece of jewellery, embroider your new name inside your dress as a sweet, sentimental nod to the tradition and your spouse. Beauty-loving brides, feel free to swipe on a fresh shade of lipstick or a spritz of perfume you’ve never used before. Bonus points: Since smells conjure vivid memories, your new scent can serve as a reminder of your wedding day to wear on anniversaries and special occasions. Or, you can save your “something new” for your partner’s eyes only. You’ll probably need a new outfit for your wedding night anyway, so find some sexy lingerie you know they’ll love.

The Meaning of "Something Borrowed" Family and friends are supposed to offer 'something borrowed' as a symbol of their love to the bride and to bring the couple good luck. By borrowing something from a happily married friend or relative, the bride or couple ensures a little of their good fortune rubs off on them. The old-fashioned superstition urged the bride to borrow the undergarments of female friend or relative with a happy marriage and healthy kids. But, of course, today it’s all about honouring a loved one or holding onto something of sentimental value—like your grandmother’s wedding hair comb or your mother’s diamond earrings—for a touch of good luck as you say your “I dos.” Or make your signature cocktail a recipe borrowed from a friend or relative who’s nailed down a mean cocktail you love.

The Meaning of "Something Blue"

While wearing or carrying “something blue” was also meant to deflect that Evil Eye, the color blue stands for love, purity and fidelity—three key qualities for a solid marriage. The traditional “something blue” was often a blue garter worn beneath the bride’s white dress. But you don’t have to wear “something blue” to ward off wicked spirits: You can have more fun modernizing by wearing a chic pair of blue heels or flats, sport a sapphire necklace, ring or bracelet, a bundle of hydrangeas or sprinkle other beautiful blue blooms into the bouquet, a powder-blue bow tie or use blue ribbon to tie your invitations.

Silver Sixpence Don't forget that there should also be a 'silver sixpence (5 cent piece) in your shoe' to have good fortune.... Well maybe leave that with you!

Forever Bridal would love to help you with your “Something New” – wedding dress and veil including customisations and alterations, a variety of accessories; and for your “Something Blue” – garter, jewellery, shawl, scarf, bridesmaids’ dresses, men’s ties and kerchiefs! We will make sure you will look stunning on your special day!

Whilst our store is temporarily closed we are still working to help you with your needs; we can open for private one-on-one bookings, discuss over the phone, email or social media. We look forward to hearing from you.

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