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Top 7 Wedding Dress Ideas for Brides in 2021

The year is halfway over, but the spring and summer months are right around the corner. This means a new wedding season with its own trends, ideas, and styles is upon us. Undeniably, the best part of wedding planning is shopping for your wedding dress. As is usually the case, we have a bevy of new wedding dress ideas for 2021 brides. Seven to be exact. So, whether you’re looking for a garden wedding dress to don at an outdoor ceremony on a lush lawn or a chic gown for a formal reception, having an idea of popular wedding dress silhouettes will help in zeroing in on the final attire.

Here, find the top 7 wedding dress ideas for brides tying the knot in 2021:

#1 Off Shoulder Sleeves

Off Shoulder Sleeves

Sleeves - long and short, puffy and fitted, off and on the shoulder - will be emerging as a notable element in the spring & summer wedding dresses in 2021. And among these many sleeves options, the one that you’ll spot the most is off-shoulder sleeves.

Once a trend and now a lasting style, off-shoulder sleeves enhance the appearance of any kind of dress idea you pick. Think puffy, big sleeves for a romantic take on a fitted silhouette for a boho-themed wedding or an embroidered lace off-shoulder neckline as a daytime garden wedding dress. Their versatility makes them a favorite to work in tandem with every gown shape - from a mermaid to a grand ball gown. Of course, we also love the way it flatters your body type and infuses a gentle balance of elegance and sexy.

#2 Soft A-Lines

Soft A-Lines

Wedding dresses with soft and clean A-lines is an amazing wedding dress idea for brides getting married in 2021. They are a subtle rendition of the dramatic ball gowns, and still manage to give you that princess feels.

For those wondering, a soft A-line is characterized by a fitted waistline that highlights your upper body and flows loosely on the bottom half. The silhouette is super flattering for all body types and radiates a relaxed, timeless vibe any bride would love to carry on her wedding day! In the upcoming wedding season, when couples would be trying to strike a balance between being grand and minimal while making a statement, they’d be turning to the options that align with the same vision. And when it will come to their big day ensembles, a soft A-line gown will help them achieve the same.

#3 Laces Are Still Trending

Laces Are Still Trending

Lace wedding dresses are a bridal mainstay. From designer gowns to off-the-rack wedding dresses, laces gracing a marriage ensemble are a common occurrence. Nonetheless, laces come in plenty of variety and will look anything than boring on your bridal ensemble. For instance, the vintage-inspired Chantilly lace can work well as a romantic garden wedding dress, while the embroidered lace can look good with a chic, modern wedding aesthetic.

What’s more, not all lace dresses are created equal. Some feature the lace all over, others just have them on the sleeves, and for a few others, only the upper portion of the dress is embellished by them. Lean into the many lace options and see which kind will look the best for your wedding theme setting. Further, make sure that whatever you decide, the overall appearance comes out to be authentic and soft, rather than overwhelming.

#4 Bare The Back

Bare The Back

Brides want to infuse the sexiness in their big day look, but not many are a fan of lingerie-inspired corsets and illusion dresses. For a majority of brides, plunging, backless gowns do the trick. Result? A wedding-appropriate sexiness that most brides feel okay to carry! No matter what theme you chose for the big day, you can find a gown style with a backless version for it. Think of a deep back with cowl gather for a black-tie setup or a lace back to go with your garden wedding dress or perhaps, a scalloped back for a rustic affair. The options of customization are endless. Another one of our favorites is to add a statement bow to the waistline. (Big bows are another emerging wedding dress trend.) No matter what gown style you choose, you can find a backless version for it.

#5 Transformative Dresses

Transformative wedding dresses are forecasted to be a huge wedding dress idea in 2021, and the frequent display of capes, removable sleeves, sequin covers, and detachable trains show just that!

Transformative Dresses

Your wedding wardrobe requires versatility and longevity. (Psst: If you don’t want to spend much on your wedding dress, we have a huge collection of affordable, off-the-rack wedding dress for you. Book an appointment here.) And these transformative pieces give the bride the option of being re-worn again or create a ceremony & reception look out of one big cheque. Plus, they’re a sustainable option as you can get more use out of a single garment.

#6 Subtle Sparkle

Subtle Sparkle

For the brides who seek out shimmering embellishments in their otherwise impeccably white gown, make sequin overlay your go-to. The overlay subtly dials up the allurement of your gorgeous white bridal wedding dress and really makes you shine on your big day! Best part? You can easily wear the same gown for your night wedding reception and literally dazzle as you move. A sprinkling of sparkle can work for any wedding theme as well - from a rustic winery wedding to a formal beach wedding or as a garden wedding dress. The versatility of this simple detailing is commendable.

#7 Clean & Simple

This season will be all about a minimal aesthetic. From simple yet whimsical decor to a guest list that includes the nearest & dearest and a white bridal wedding dress that exudes an understated elegance - we will see a less is more ethos in all the wedding elements. Given the pandemic, going grand has taken a back seat. This has given the designers, and the couples, opportunity to make a statement with minimalism, and we’re so here for it!

If you’re looking for a hint of what these dresses would look like - think of Meghan Markle’s chic & simple Givenchy gown and Stella McCartney reception attire. This means clean lines, impeccable tailoring, and a hint of architectural elements - sans the embellishments, frills, and fanfare. This look will be all about cut, style, and fit done flawlessly.

Summing up, these are just the wedding dress ideas that are shining the most at the moment. Of course, a bride’s personal choice and style should dictate her pick in her bridal gown, but a few shapes, styles, and accents will always make sure you stay in line with what’s trending and popular. If you’re looking for the perfect off-the-rack wedding dress that speaks “you” as soon as you try it on, book a bridal appointment with us, and our consultant will help you find the one after you’ve found the one! 😉 Fill in the contact form here.


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